Mark Sutton – Life Through A Lens – Austrian Grand Prix – Eyes on the prize

Mark Sutton – Life Through A Lens – Austrian Grand Prix – Eyes on the prize

F1 photographer Mark Sutton talks ESPN through his favourite shots from the Austrian Grand Prix.

Camera model: Nikon D4 | Exposure time: 1/160s | Aperture: F5.6 | ISO speed: 1600

Eyes on the prize

This was a great shot through the new McLaren garage screen – it’s picture perfect. I got down low and could see Fernando Alonso’s eyes perfectly in the middle of the gap. When I started first of all it was quite dark because the mechanics were all around him and it caused a bit of a shadow. When they moved away the shadow went and I was able to get this shot. I love this picture because you can’t do it with most teams, if you want a cockpit shot you need to go and do it from the side on. It’s just the visor, the Schuberth logo either side of his eyes. It’s on a long lens so you get slight blurring from the front of the chassis. It’s something different from a race weekend that you’re always looking for.

Camera model : Nikon D4 | Exposure time: 1/1600s | Aperture: F4 | ISO speed: 400

High flyer

This is Pastor Maldonado getting a bit of air through Turn 1. It’s good to talk about Maldonado at the moment because he’s on a bit of a run and was having a good battle with Max Verstappen. He was fighting hard but within the rules, I would say. He gets a lot of criticism but he should get the plaudits when he drives well like he did in Austria. This shot shows just how hard he was pushing, it’s a good image of him coming through the first corner and you can see both his front tyres are off the ground. You can also see just how steep the hill running up to Turn 2 is in the background, which is lost slightly when you see it on TV.

Camera model: Nikon D4 | Exposure time: 1/500s | Aperture: F14 | ISO speed: 500

A meeting of minds

I was really lucky to get this shot and I’m glad I did. Sometimes if you just stay in the paddock a little while longer after a session finishes you can end up with a real gem. I was in no rush as I felt I’d got some good pictures, got a tip off that Ron and Sir Frank were outside the McLaren garage, and thought ‘bloody hell, that’s a great picture’. They used to talk a lot in the old days, in the old motorhomes. It was a great picture because Ron sat on the steps and Frank is looking directly at him. At one point Ron moved right towards him so no-one could hear what they were talking about. These two are famous and revered men in the sport but it’s rare to get them having a candid moment together like this.

Camera model: Nikon D4 | Exposure time: 1/1000s | Aperture: F8 | ISO speed: 1000

A silent champion…

This is another Lewis Hamilton rant. I didn’t like it after qualifying when he stood there, hands behind his back not smiling despite the fact he’d got pole. It’s annoying for us photographers when he’s so unappreciative of the fact he got pole position. This picture is the following day on the drivers’ parade. I didn’t like them all bunched up on a bus anyway because it made good pictures more difficult, they looked like school kids awkwardly going to school. I noticed Lewis sat there listening to his music and nodding his head to the music and couldn’t believe it. Maybe he started waving to the fans afterwards but I can only shoot what’s going on in front of me. Hopefully they don’t do the bus again.

Camera model: Nikon D4 | Exposure time: 1/320s | Aperture: F10 | ISO speed: 400

…A jubilant contender

Nico Rosberg is great when he wins, he does a great spinning hand celebration which you can see him doing here. This is in front of the team and shows good emotion and passion. He’s pumped up for every victory and this shot is good because you capture the emotion of the team as well. You can see Lewis there as well with the team, everyone is clapping. Lewis was fine in the team celebrations; smiling, laughing and joking around. He couldn’t wait to run away because he thought he was going to get sprayed with champagne.


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