Mark Sutton – Life Through The Lens – Emotions run high in Hungary

Mark Sutton – Life Through The Lens – Emotions run high in Hungary
Left image: Camera model: Nikon D4, Exposure time: 1/1000s, Aperture: F4, ISO speed: 1600, Lens: 500mm Telephoto. There was a lot of scaremongering going on among the photographers ahead of the race weekend that pit lane access would be severely limited. Some were saying six passes, some were saying no passes and obviously we were a bit worried that things were being decided behind our backs. On the Thursday they told us there would be 25 tabards for pit lane access handed out so it wasn’t the end of the world. We had a meeting with the FIA to explain what it entailed and why they did it, so first of all we thought let’s get our names on the list but we didn’t know exactly how much access we would get. We ended up getting one or two people in each session so it didn’t really affect our job, in fact we were quite happy because there were less people in the pit lane! It’s now policed properly so people can’t get with a pocket camera because of a favour from their mate or because they snuck through a garage. But you can see here that we take quite a few pictures while we’re in the pit lane of drivers in their garages and with their helmets on, we take roughly 25% of our photos in there so it’s quite a large proportion of our job.
Camera model: Nikon D4, Exposure time: 1/1000s, Aperture: F7.1, ISO speed: 200, Lens: 500mm Telephoto. Lewis Hamilton supposedly dedicated the race win to his ex-girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger and there are my four shots of his emotions on the podium. He kept signalling down to the team as if to say ‘This is for you’ and it looked like he was fighting back tears at one point. He was quite emotional and quite weird watching him on the podium. Obviously last year he had Nicole down in the pit lane looking back up at him so maybe that triggered it. Now he just has his manager Tom Shine with him and he flies around in that private jet on his own. The dog wasn’t at this race, and I don’t think it should really be at any races. Outside the circuit is fine but because he has his motorhome inside the circuit at most races it doesn’t work. Anyway, it was a weekend of mixed emotions for him and these podium pictures tell a bit of a story.
Camera model: Nikon D4, Exposure time: 1/640s, Aperture: F11, ISO speed: 400, Lens: 24-70mm Zoom. This was a nice photo of Christian Horner and Adrian Newey joking with Paul Hembery of Pirelli. Obviously the tyres were a big talking point this weekend with the return to 2012 structures and the recent test in Silverstone. In the end it looked like Mercedes came off on top so maybe that test they did back in May did help somehow or maybe they just got the tyres sorted on Friday. I think everyone thought Vettel would be all over Hamilton and push ahead in the pit stops but it didn’t quite materialise. But it was good to see them joking and laughing on the grid.
Top image: Camera model: Nikon D4, Exposure time: 1/320s, Aperture: F18, ISO speed: 400, Lens: 24-70mm Zoom. My friend Liam Cunningham, an actor from Ireland, brought Sam Worthington of Avatar fame with him to Hungary to get a taste of Formula One. He said he might see me on the grid and so I kept an eye out and Sam was there but not Liam. This other guy started filming on his iPhone, I didn’t know who he was, but turned out it was German actor Marcus Prosser, who has been in quite a lot of films and he started filming me. Sam is an Aussie and I wanted to get a picture of him with Mark Webber, but Mark had gone for his toilet break! So this picture with his grid girl had to do because that’s as close as we got to the picture.
Camera model: Nikon D4, Exposure time: 1/640s, Aperture: F13, ISO speed: 400, Lens: 24-70mm Zoom. This is an unusual picture because it’s rare that you can get that close to a Red Bull. They are always so secretive and he actually came quite late to the grid on Sunday. I just held my camera out below him as he stepped out and it’s one of those that is hit or miss. This one came off well because you have the beautiful blue sky and the flash has worked really well and lit his face nicely. He’s stepping out of the car but it’s a significant shot because he’s also stepping out of F1 at the end of the year.
Camera model: Nikon D4, Exposure time: 1/1600s, Aperture: F6.3, ISO speed: 200, Lens: 500mm Telephoto. This is a slightly different parc ferme shot to usual but it gives you an idea of how many photographers are there shooting from behind the railings. They’ve all got different lenses, taking different shots and then you can also see the mechanic there displaying the emotions of the team. The other nice element of this shot is that the sun is reflecting back off the silver car and lighting his body. It gives a sense of the atmosphere immediately after the race and offers something a it different.

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