Mark Sutton – Life Thru The Lens – Grande Fernando


Mark Sutton – Life Thru The Lens – Grande Fernando
Camera model: Nikon D4, Exposure time: 1/6s, Aperture: F4.0, ISO speed: 1000, Lens 14-24mm Zoom

After a Red Bull function on the Thursday night it was quite late and I decided to wander down and shoot the motorhomes. It was the first time we’ve seen them this season – none have really changed – but with the really nice sky it made for nice shots. The point was to show how hard the teams work in to the night, but this Lotus one is actually empty! I just shot away without a tripod, just used the light and kept it quite steady, while the exposure on the motorhome is what helps give the sky that colour.

Camera model: Nikon D4, Exposure time: 1/1250s, Aperture: F11, ISO speed: 200, Lens 500mm telephoto

The photographers get allowed up on the roof on a Friday when the SEAT hospitality isn’t being used, and it opens up a number of different pictures. I was just doing a shot of the drivers coming down the pit lane as they test how quickly they can approach the pit lane limiter line. Nico came down at full whack and locked up completely because drivers would get pit-lane speeding fines if they are over the limit. They have to find the braking point, though, as you could save a tenth of a second or two and that’s important in the race. Of course, if you get it wrong and are speeding in the pit lane in the race you can get penalised too, so you’ve got to get it right.

Camera model: Nikon D4, Exposure time: 1/640s, Aperture: F8, ISO speed: 125, Lens 70-200mm Zoom

It was quite weird because I’d just wandered down the paddock and saw all the drivers and team principals walking towards me. It was late for them all to meet, so I thought something might have been going on and went up the pit lane to find out. Eventually it turned out it was an FIA initiative that was being supported by all the teams, so I went out on to the track. A marshal tried to stop me but I went past him and got a number of shots. It was all a bit hectic as there were people trying to get official photos and security moving us around, but there were only about six of us there and my shots promote what was happening. I think all the agencies should be allowed in for this sort of thing; we do things like this column and get the initiatives exposure.

Camera model: Nikon D4, Exposure time: 1/1000s, Aperture: F13, ISO speed: 200, Lens 500mm telephoto

It seemed to me that the DRS was allowing moves a lot earlier on the main straight, but I waited in position as I saw Raikkonen close on Vettel and he got the move done at Turn One. The crowd went mad when Raikkonen overtook him, but it was interesting to see how he did it. I followed it completely down the straight on the 500, and you can see Raikkonen takes the kerb on the inside on the first frame and then he pushes Vettel on to the kerb at Turn Two. I think it took a lot of respect from Vettel to let him come through, as he could have tried to run Raikkonen wide but held his line. It was good, clean racing and a nice sequence.

Camera model: Nikon D4, Exposure time: 1/1250s, Aperture: F6.3, ISO speed: 1000, Lens 200-400mm Zoom

I like this shot because the sun is reflecting on to Fernando’s face and you can see some of the team, fans and grandstands in the reflection. He was partly in the shade and partly in the sun during the podium ceremony, which means different lights are affecting him as he moves around. This shot just shows how big the trophy is, and it’s like he’s looking at his own reflection in the trophy as the sunlight reflects up and lights his face.

Camera model: Nikon D4, Exposure time: 1/200s, Aperture: F11, ISO speed: 800, Lens 14-24mm Zoom

I like this photo because it’s from a different angle. I actually shot this from the media centre! We knew the team photo was coming up but I was busy working when someone text me saying ‘Why don’t you shoot it from above in the media centre?’ I took it from the side which gave it a nice angle, you can see all the photographers at work too, the flash going off lifts it and you can even see the cargo crates as teams start packing up.


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