Mark Sutton – Life Through A Lens – Sakhir Sunshine

Mark Sutton – Life Through A Lens – Sakhir Sunshine
Camera model: Nikon D4, Exposure time: 10/8000s, Aperture: F6.3, ISO speed: 200, Lens 70-200mm Zoom

This was just a funny story; I was in the paddock and I saw Mark heading over towards Jackie. At the time Jackie had the hat in his hand – he doesn’t always wear it because it’s quite hot – and so Mark said “Here, I’ll try it on”. It fitted perfectly! It didn’t take long for Jackie to grab it back though. It was a funny moment and nicely timed as Mark has obviously been on a bit of a downer recently with all the issues going on at Red Bull, but it was his 200th grand prix start and he was in a good mood all weekend. Jackie was busy later in the weekend waving the chequered flag, and it was ironic that Vettel won as the victory took him past Jackie’s record of 27 victories.

Camera model: Nikon D4, Exposure time: 1/40s, Aperture: F5, ISO speed: 4000, Lens 24-70mm Zoom

This was the media team party, which is not normally very well attended to be honest. But I think this year it had been advertised better in advance, there was a DJ laid on and fresh local food. The paddock club brought their drinks from downstairs and it went on until about 9.30pm on the Saturday night. Lots of people do Run That Track on a Saturday night so I think a lot of them stayed after that, and it was a real success. You can see the how relaxed it all was and Shisha pipes were being smoked. The hospitality was great as it was trying to keep the media on the right side with all the events that surround the race.

Camera model: Nikon D4, Exposure time: 10/10000s, Aperture: F11, ISO speed: 200, Lens 70-200mm Zoom

It’s the ninth year we’ve had the grand prix in Bahrain and the track was obviously built in the desert; all the asphalt actually came from England. Originally the only palm trees were in the paddock – which is meant to be an oasis – and the track was left as a desert, but when they used the extended track in 2010 they put the palm trees in. It just gives us a nicer background and is great for pictures. It’s awesome because I was able to get everything in to this shot, it’s instantly recognisable as Bahrain with palm trees, desert, the tower and grandstand all in the background. You don’t get anything at all like this anywhere else.

Camera model: Nikon D4, Exposure time: 1/1000s, Aperture: F8, ISO speed: 200, Lens 500mm telephoto

This shot taken from Turn 2 just shows how close the leaders were to each other before the DRS kicked in. Rosberg was able to hold off Vettel for a few laps but it was good to see that you could still overtake without the DRS as Vettel made it to the front. As soon as the DRS was activated then Rosberg started dropping right back, but at this point it was more based on driver skill. The DRS still helped though, as I saw some great battles between the McLarens and nice moves from Kimi in to Turn 1 as the race went on.

Camera model: Nikon D4, Exposure time: 1/1250s, Aperture: F5.6, ISO speed: 200, Lens 70-200mm Zoom

It was a strong weekend for Paul di Resta and he managed to equal his best-ever finish of fourth place. I was doing the pit stops and here I’m stood in the gap where the mechanics file through on to the grid, so that allowed me to get down to ground level. I was kneeling down just as the car was coming in to pit and that allowed me to get the kind of view the mechanics get; I’m at their eye level. The Force India colours are great and the orange is very vivid – our own Sutton Images logo is orange too because it really stands out – and you can see how many mechanics are waiting for Paul here. I like doing the pit stops as you never know what might happen, and the Bahrain pit wall is wide enough to move along easily.

Camera model: Nikon D4, Exposure time: 1/800s, Aperture: F7.1, ISO speed: 400, Lens 500mm telephoto

This is a very special picture beyond being a nice shot because it’s actually our 900,000th picture that went on to our website! It’s obviously a great celebration for us and it was a nice shot too. I was head-on doing the podium, and then as Vettel left I picked up the 500mm and shot this as he left the podium. It’s got a really nice reflection in the trophy itself and the trophy is quite heavy. Seb’s holding it in one arm because Gill Jones – who was on the podium to collect the constructors’ trophy – forgot to take it! So he’s got both trophies and is walking off, saluting his team and is right in front of the list of world champions which of course also features his own name.

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