Mark Sutton – Life Thru The Lens – Parklife

Camera: Nikon D4   Lens: 500mm   ISO: 400   Exposure: 1/1000s   Aperture: F6.3

This is how Pastor Maldonado’s race ended on Sunday. He actually went off twice in the race so maybe he was having problems with his brakes. I saw him go off once so I thought he might go off again and that’s why I ended up with this shot. The reason it’s got a black edge to it is because it’s short through a hole in the fencing with the 500mm lens and as I panned round the edge of the fencing just came into the frame.

Camera: Nikon D4   Lens: 70-200mm Zoom   ISO: 250   Exposure: 1/640s   Aperture: F10

This is Sir Chris Hoy carrying his own bike into the paddock, which I thought that was quite funny for a Knight of the Realm. Then Sky Sports did a piece with Paul di Resta and Martin Brundle as the they cycled round the track. He had to pump his own tyres up too, but he had this special pump that has the right pressure in it already and he just attaches it to the valve and the tyres are at the right pressure. A lot of drivers ride around the circuit nowadays because the engineers will go out and tell them if anything is different and then they can pick up on it while going round on a bike. They don’t necessarily need to walk it anymore.

Camera: Nikon D4   Lens: 500mm Telephoto   ISO: 800   Exposure: 1/640s   Aperture: F8

The one of Kimi Raikkonen is nice because you can see the reflection of the trophy in his face. I was shooting from the side because I was taking photos as he came back into the pit lane. I was hoping he’d come in with two arms in the air like a mega Ayrton Senna shot I got in Adelaide, but Kimi is a bit more subdued in his celebrations. All these shots were with the 500mm shooting up and you can see in the shots of Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel that you get this backlit effect with the champagne which is really nice

Camera: Nikon D4   Lens: 24-70mm Zoom   ISO: 400   Exposure: 1/400s   Aperture: F13

This shows the entourage that comes with Formula One. You’ve got the press officers on the right, the photographers in the middle and then the TV crews on the left. The TV people can’t get in the middle because all the photographers got there first so they had to go to the side and wait. We had two of our snappers in that bank of photographers and my brother Keith was to the side with the press officers, so I took this shot from the start tower to get a different perspective. It’s a nice atmospheric picture.

Camera: Nikon D4   Lens: 500mm Telephoto   ISO: 800   Exposure: 1/2000s   Aperture: F9

This is Q1 on Saturday and you can see how wet it was. I went up the tower on the main straight and I caught this great moment as Fernando Alonso overtook Lewis Hamilton in the spray. During the rain break I went back and wired my photos so the websites got them nice and early. A lot of photographers stayed out in the rain but I thought it was more important to get some pictures back.

Camera: Nikon D4   Lens: 500mm Telephoto   ISO: 400   Exposure: 1/1000s   Aperture: F16

This was taken on the 500mm, handheld as I just followed the Royal Australian Air Force planes through the sky. It was taken before qualifying and you can see that the sky is blue and sunny, but I had some more in the sequence and you could see that the clouds were already starting to come in. Of course it then tipped it down for qualifying and it had to be postponed. It shows how quickly the weather can change in Melbourne.


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